2019-2024 Strategic Plan

Mission Statement

The mission of the University of North Alabama is to be:







Transformational Student Experience


Academic Excellence and Innovation


Diversity and Inclusion


Financial Sustainability


Institutional Identity


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Campus Master Plan


主题三: Diversity and Inclusion Plan


主题一: Transformational Student Experience
Increase experiential learning opportunities for students (e.g. internships, education abroad, study away, preceptorships, and simulations).
Every baccalaur吃e graduate completes at least two (2) experiential learning experiences.
Expand research opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students.
Every baccalaur吃e graduate undertakes at least one (1) research experience.
Cr吃e curricular and co-curricular programs to engage students outside the classroom and beyond the first academic year.
Every baccalaur吃e graduate completes at least one (1) community engagement project.
主题二: Academic Excellence and Innovation
Promote and support an innovative, student-centered academic experience at all levels and in all modalities.
Craft and develop academic programs that prepare students for careers in the new knowledge economy.
Increase technology integration to improve and enhance student learning.
Adopt, implement, and utilize Open 教育al Resources (OER) in half of all academic programs.
Maintain a high-quality, student-focused, and personalized instructional and learning environment as the University grows, 发展, and diversifies its academic offerings.
Full-time 教师 members will teach 75% of all classes.
主题三: Diversity and Inclusion
Embrace a broad definition of diversity that fosters a culture of respect for all.
The University is a leader for diversity and inclusion in the community, region, and state.
Increase diversity among students, 教师, and staff using strategic recruitment and retention initiatives.
The University community first reflects the statistical diversity of its traditional service region and second the diversity of the State of Alabama.
Develop and implement a co-curricular program focused on diversity and inclusion.
Implement a program focused on diversity and inclusion in all residence halls.
Establish and support a Center for Social Inclusion to serve as a campus and community hub for diversity and inclusion.
Develop the Center for Social Inclusion as a showcase initiative for the University.

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主题四: Financial Sustainability
Diversify and pursue public and private funding strategies to support the University and its students.
Engage policymakers, ROR滚球球赛直播, 利益相关者, and supporters to increase financial support of the University.
Invest in strategic capital and deferred maintenance projects to better support the student experience.
Reduce deferred maintenance and immediate capital needs by 25%.
Maximize resource efficiency to ensure the future growth and expansion of the University’s mission.
Implement a five (5)-year program review cycle.
主题五: Institutional Identity
Pursue a cohesive and shared institutional identity focused on student learning and engagement—locally, 区域, 和全球
Increase six-year graduation rate by 10%.
Develop prominent academic programs with national and international recognition at the graduate and undergraduate levels, in all modalities.
Launch first doctoral programs.
Craft and implement a comprehensive marketing strategy with appropriate resources.
Utilize a marketing strategy to increase enrollment by 10%.